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Uncover how your team can leverage their unique differences to maximize their individual potential and contribution to the organization’s goals. Well-structured, thoughtful diversity and inclusion initiatives result in innovation and growth and start by intentionally developing teams, talent, and authentic leadership.


“We all come from different backgrounds and viewpoints. We all need to listen and remove preconceived assumptions. Being aware of having a single viewpoint is key to improving this skill”

– Leader in a publicly traded SAAS company



DEI is at the core of DILAN’s DNA. Our diverse team is uniquely qualified to transform the way your team thinks about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn how to draw from cultural differences in your organization and find new ways to nurture out-of-the-box solutions that will drive your company forward and produce measurable results.

Our people-centric strategies rooted in psychology equip your teams to recruit, develop, engage, and retain top talent. By using data analysis and DEI dashboard development, we set specific goals and track your company’s progress to ensure upward momentum and lasting results.

Unlock Your Potential

Our Philosophy

We believe there is no single correct starting point to a company’s DEI journey.  As a team of psychologists and subject matter experts, we know that individual stories, team dynamics, and organizational culture shape a company’s readiness to successfully execute on a DEI strategy. That is why we step into the work not solely as experts but co-creators of the strategy, integrating the human factor with the business needs.


How It Works


  • Discover
  • Understanding where you are now in your DEI journey is the first step in our process. We’ll begin with a discovery phase that includes a qualitative and/or quantitative assessment of your diversity and inclusion initiatives so far. We look at the organizational data as well as conduct customized individual and/or group interviews with all team members involved.
  • Architect & Deliver
  • Rather than checking off a box, diversity and inclusion is all about designing and implementing a strategy to create an inclusive environment. We support your organization through specific, reliable steps that are tailored to the needs of your team and delivered through team development, workshops, coaching, and more.
  • Measure & Evaluate
  • As part of our iterative process, we conduct mid-touchpoints with key stakeholders and final reviews to determine the impact of our programs. We integrate feedback and continue to tailor the delivery of our work to meet the needs of the organization.



DILAN will partner with you at every phase
of our iterative consultation process.



Harness the power of inclusion, respect, and participation

At its core, business is human® – and that’s our sweet spot. You’re the expert in your business, and as psychologists we understand people. By collaborating, we develop your leadership and team capabilities to unleash the human potential that enables organizations to thrive.


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Case Study: A Midwest Technology Company’s Call to Action

March 2, 2022

  Challenge In the face of a pandemic, economic downturn, heightened racial unrest and related social injustices, the leadership of a medium-size, Midwest-based technology company that specializes in hardware/software systems felt compelled to act. Their sense of urgency was further exacerbated by their employee engagement survey that hinted to some potential opportunities. In addition, their […]

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A Global Tech Enterprise’s Commitment to Cultivating an Inclusive Culture

May 17, 2022

Challenge:  In the face of significant growth, a series of mergers and acquisitions, and a pandemic, the leaders of a global enterprise felt compelled to act in response to the lack of inclusive behaviors by some members of their sales team- there was “bro” culture. The opportunity was to move individual groups from working in […]

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DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION: Creating a Gender Affirming Workplace

May 17, 2022

Challenge: A senior-level person of this global enterprise was going through a gender transitioning process and the organization did not feel equipped with the knowledge to support them or even how to create a welcoming environment. While they were clear on their desire to take their commitment to diversity and inclusion to the next level, […]

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At its core, business is human® – and that’s our sweet spot. You’re the expert in your business, and as psychologists we understand people. By collaborating,



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