At its core, business is human™ – and that’s our sweet spot. You’re the expert in your business, and as psychologists we understand people. By collaborating, we develop your leadership and team capabilities to unleash the human potential that enables organizations to thrive.
The team at DILAN Consulting Group are hands-on experts in business and doctoral level experts in clinical and organizational psychology. We have managed, founded, and grown organizations. We also have deep experience supporting the aerospace, biotech, defense, energy, engineering, environmental, financial, fintech, gaming, marketing, semiconductor, social media, technology, government agencies and the nonprofit sectors. When you choose to work with us, you tap into the shared experience and knowledge of our whole team and we bring all of our shared strengths to bear on every project.

  • Engage & Assess
  • Reflect And Architect Plan
  • Action
  • Optimization


Strong relationships drive organizational performance. Communication and data are at the heart of our process.

Organizations (large or small) are comprised of a diverse range of people. We believe that the meaningful connections made by these people through effective relationship building play a crucial role in creating a culture that drives the success of individuals, teams, and organizations. All too often, however, and for a variety of reasons, teams and individuals fail to make these vital connections.

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Working with Eugene is a life-changing experience. He is supportive, positive, thoughtful and in general, a wonderful mentor and human being. He recently conducted Management Training at my company for 16 relatively new managers and the results have been seen immediately across the company. He received rave reviews from my managers...We are running our second training in February and we are very much looking forward to absorbing all that can be learned from Eugene!

Social Media Company

In just 90 days of working with DILAN Consulting, I have gained invaluable information & insight about myself as CEO. From adaptability, problem-solving, stress management, to degrees of assertiveness, cooperativeness, & collaboration, I’ve gotten solid perspectives of myself in my day to day business.

International Sourcing Company

The facilitated discussion by Eugene gave our group major breakthroughs. His expertise was critical to our group's success.

Biotech Industry

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