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Tap into the shared experience and knowledge of our team of business and doctoral level experts.



Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DILAN Consulting Group’s unique, people-centered strategies focus on nurturing, cultivating and drawing from cultural differences in your organization.


Executive Coaching

Investing in leaders and key players delivers breakthrough results that translate into measurable improvements in leadership capabilities, team dynamics, and business outcomes.


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Leadership Developement

Whether you’re struggling to pull your team together, lead an organizational change initiative, or manage your emotions more effectively, our approach to coaching senior executives follows a rigorous discovery process that includes statistically validated assessments.


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Organizational Development

Resilience is critical any organizations long term success. We partner with you to strengthen your organization’s resilience by developing the leadership capabilities that align strategy with culture and behavior.


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Team Development

Market challenges consistently drive teams to redefine the art of doing more with less. The DILAN Consulting Group recognizes that, in today’s business environment, team alignment alone will not suffice.


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Conflict Management

For many leaders, teams, and organizations, a key component of their success came about as a direct result of some type of conflict. Conflict is a necessary precursor to identifying and developing organizational alignment and sparking innovation.


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The DILAN Difference

We Transform Human Performance

At its core, business is human® – and that’s our sweet spot. You’re the expert in your business, and as psychologists we understand people. By collaborating, we develop your leadership and team capabilities to unleash the human potential that enables organizations to thrive.


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Our Consultation Process


  • Discover
  • Establish Partnership
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Architect & Deliver
  • Present Insights
  • Align Priorities
  • Define Solution & Metrics
  • Develop Action Plan
  • Implement
  • Measure & Evaluate
  • Review Metrics
  • Identify Gaps & Best Practices
  • Iterate & Optimize



DILAN will partner with you at every phase of our iterative consultation process.




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