A senior-level person of this global enterprise was going through a gender transitioning process and the organization did not feel equipped with the knowledge to support them or even how to create a welcoming environment. While they were clear on their desire to take their commitment to diversity and inclusion to the next level, they were wrestling with how best to engage the enterprise in a conversation that could evolve their understanding of gender identity beyond the binary.


DILAN’s solution to this challenge was delivered in two phases.  The first addressed the immediate need to work directly with the team and senior leadership of the individual who was transitioning.  As part of this phase, DILAN provided two in-person workshops, one for the individual’s team and the other for the senior leadership. The focus of these two workshops included increasing literacy around gender diversity and identifying strategies on how to support individuals who are going through the transitioning process.

In the second phase, DILAN was tasked with creating content that could be scalable to the entire enterprise. As part of this phase, DILAN engaged in a deep research and design process to identify key areas to focus on to meet the needs of the entire global enterprise. Through a series of meetings, literature reviews, data analysis, and feedback from this enterprise’s LGBTQIA community, DILAN’s team developed three dynamic modules of asynchronous curricula. These modules included introductory terminology on gender identity, the science behind gender identity development, and why pronoun use matters when cultivating an inclusive culture.