Executive Coaching

Investing in leaders and key players delivers breakthrough results that translate into measurable improvements in leadership capabilities, team dynamics, and business outcomes.

DCG’s approach to executive coaching begins with a rigorous discovery process that includes scientifically validated assessments and stakeholder interviews. As psychologists, we are uniquely positioned to interpret the data and translate it into an accurate and actionable roadmap for behavioral change. After carefully debriefing the assessment data and interpretations with the coachee, we work together to develop specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-base (SMART) goals. On-site shadowing and a mid-process progress review often accompany the ongoing coaching sessions. At the conclusion of coaching, we use a final progress review to provide and receive feedback, reflect on achievements, and set actionable steps that consolidate learning, maintain its momentum, and ensure that it is being transferred effectively back into the workplace.

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