Investing in Your Leaders

Investing in leaders and key players delivers breakthrough results that translate into measurable improvements in leadership capabilities, team dynamics, and business outcomes.


“I wanted to let you know I have been promoted to a new position. The coaching and guidance you provided assisted me tremendously and helped me self-reflect and become a better human … not just employee or supervisor, but human being.”

– Chief of Security & Operations, Public Transportation sector



Our Approach

DILAN works to understand the organization’s coaching needs and delivers the right solution whether that’s to coach a few key leaders or to roll out an org wide coaching solution. DILAN’s collaborative method leverages the human element to improve leadership capabilities, team dynamics, and business outcomes.

Customized Solutions

DILAN specializes in highly customized approaches for each individual, team, and organization. Whether that’s transforming executive performance by reducing negative behaviors and increasing emotional and cultural intelligence, cultivating the right team, leading through change, or successfully implementing new strategies, DILAN’s human-centric approach meets clients where they are in order to deliver targeted solutions in real time

Our process is always collaborative to ensure that the coaching engagement is aligned with your company’s values, culture, and strategy.

Our Coaches

DILAN’s coaching team is comprised of licensed psychologists and senior consultants with advanced degrees. Their training equips them to understand and analyse the data found during discovery to create an accurate and effective development plan and to create a safe space where real change can occur.

Our Team

How It Works



In dialogue with the project’s sponsor, we create a customized coaching process that meets the organization’s needs. After understanding the needs, we build out a customized plan based on the executive’s unique style and organizational situations. The executive will get the opportunity to meet our coaches and select the one they would like to work with.


We conduct different assessments based on each individual plan including things like 360 reviews, upward appraisals, and stakeholder interviews. As psychologists, we are uniquely positioned to analyze the data to discover insights that will help us build your roadmap.


After a careful review of the data, a coach will partner with the executive to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based (SMART) goals that align with the company’s priorities.



Our coaches expertly guide and encourage executives to apply each new learning as part of their day-to-day leadership. Coaching is generally delivered in person and/or video call to accommodate business travel.


Midway through the coaching process, we step back with the executive to reflect and assess progress on the agreed upon SMART goals.


After the completion of coaching, the executive will receive feedback, reflect on achievements with their coach, and agree on next steps to consolidate their learning and maintain momentum.


Executive Coaching is where leaders gain the insights and tools to create cultures that foster innovation, resilience and accountability.


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