Executive Coaching

Whether you’re struggling to pull your team together, lead an organizational change initiative, or manage your emotions more effectively, our approach to coaching senior executives follows a rigorous discovery process that includes statistically validated assessments. As trusted advisors, truth tellers, and psychologists, we are adept at listening, observing, asking the right questions, and getting to the core of an issue quickly. Our solution-based practical approach aims to align behaviors with objectives. We strive to deliver breakthrough results that translate into measurable improvements in leadership capabilities, team dynamics, and business outcomes. In order to ensure the learning from our coaching process is effectively being transferred back into the workplace, we highly recommend concurrent Team Development activities.


Client Outcomes

  • Improved overall communication skills
  • Increased skill and ease managing upward
  • Effective mentoring and coaching of direct reports
  • Skillful management of challenging relationships/conflicts
  • Improved effectiveness within business unit/LOB
  • Enhanced self-management skills (anger, anxiety, and impulsiveness)
  • Stronger presence, confidence and increased resilience
  • Ease with ambiguity and change
  • Integrated approach to work, family and self – care
  • Accelerated career advancement


In just 90 days of working with DILAN Consulting, I have gained invaluable information & insight about myself as CEO. From adaptability, problem solving, stress management, to degrees of assertiveness, cooperativeness, & collaboration, I’ve gotten solid perspectives of myself in my day to day business.

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