At DILAN Consulting, we understand that the most effective businesses operate not just on the mechanics of targets and tasks, but with the heartbeat of human aspirations at their core. One of the most transformative frameworks for achieving this is Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), which combines ambitious goals with measurable results. This approach, mastered by giants like Intel, not only propels businesses forward but also deeply engages and motivates their workforce.

Understanding OKRs

OKRs stand for Objectives and Key Results. An Objective is a clear, aspirational goal, defining what you aim to achieve. Key Results are the measurable outcomes that indicate your progress towards these goals. OKRs help align and focus the efforts of an organization, ensuring everyone is moving in the same direction with clarity and purpose.

A Business is Human Approach to OKRs

Leaders who embrace a Business is Human philosophy understand that OKRs are not just about reaching business outcomes but about fostering a culture where employees feel valued and part of a meaningful journey. Here are 3-5 tips on how business leaders can implement OKRs with a Business is Human mindset:

  1. Connect OKRs to Larger Visions and Values
    • Start by aligning OKRs with the company’s core values and vision. This alignment makes the objectives more meaningful and ensures that as your team strives to achieve these goals, they are also reinforcing what your company stands for. This approach not only enhances motivation but also helps in building a cohesive culture.
  2. Encourage Participation in the OKR Process
    • Involve team members in setting their OKRs. This participatory approach not only increases buy-in but allows employees to set personal aspirations that align with corporate goals. Such involvement makes the objectives more personal and enhances commitment.
  3. Focus on Development, Not Just Delivery
    • Use OKRs as a tool for development. Encourage team members to identify learning opportunities and challenges as part of their Key Results. This focus shifts the perspective from merely achieving targets to growing capabilities and advancing careers, which is essential for long-term engagement and satisfaction.
  4. Emphasize Transparency and Communication
    • Maintain transparency in tracking and discussing OKRs. Regular check-ins where teams can share progress, challenges, and insights foster an open environment where learning from each other is valued. Transparency not only helps in adjusting strategies promptly but also builds trust within the team.
  5. Celebrate Efforts, Not Just Outcomes
    • Recognize and celebrate the efforts and progress towards key results, not just the achievement of the final goals. This recognition can be through acknowledging individual or team contributions in meetings, sharing success stories across the company, or even informal acknowledgments. Such celebrations reinforce positive behaviors and support a more engaged and committed workforce.

Example in Action: Intel

Intel’s utilization of OKRs showcases the power of this framework in driving significant business outcomes while maintaining a focus on human-centric leadership. Their OKRs range from increasing market share to enhancing manufacturing efficiency, each aligned with broader business strategies but also deeply connected to improving the work environment and employee satisfaction.


Implementing OKRs with a Business is Human mindset transforms them from a mere strategic tool into a powerful catalyst for cultural change and personal growth within an organization. At DILAN Consulting, we believe that the true strength of a business lies in its people, and by adopting OKRs thoughtfully, leaders can unlock not just the potential of their business strategies but also the potential of their teams. Embrace OKRs to navigate the path to success while ensuring your team feels valued, motivated, and integral to every achievement.

Ready to Transform Your Leadership Approach?

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