Every organization must evolve and change in order to grow and thrive. Whether your rolling out a new strategy, structure, culture, business processes or technology, the critical factor in all successful transitions is always the people.

When executed well, the people are involved early and are empowered to make decisions – they become the champions of the desired future state. When done poorly, the stakeholders feel victimized and powerless. They experience a loss of control, lose confidence, and may even resist or try to sabotage your efforts.



At the DILAN Consulting Group, we embrace a user-centered design approach for all organizational change initiatives. This means we work hard up front to identify and fully understand all stakeholder groups and what the potential impact of any “Change” might mean in their world. We then involve them in defining the problem, challenge or opportunity.

Our experience in working with organizations going through a transformation is that effective efforts always address the emotional component that arises from change. People do not resist change out of hubris. Change taps into fear and feelings of loss and if they are ignored they seep out in unproductive ways that impede good thinking. Once feelings are managed and a shared understanding of the current state and desired future state is clear, DILAN Consulting employs a collaborative approach to design, planning and implementation.

While our process may take a little longer up front, it also increases ownership, reduces resistance and optimizes implementation. The bottom line is that organizations that effectively prepare and engage their employees early and often see positive results sooner. In other words, Business Is Human.



Change management is a strategic, structured and disciplined approach to leading individuals, teams, and organizations toward a desired future end-state. The aim of effective change management is to empower all stakeholders by ensuring they have the requisite information, training, tools, direction, and support to successfully bridge the gap between their current state and the desired future state so that the organization can achieve its strategic objectives.

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