As we come to the end of 2021, organizations can put their DEI strategy into practice. Holiday parties should be about coming together, celebrating all cultures, and highlighting the successes over the year.  Here are 5 tips on how to create an inclusive celebration where no one feels excluded.

  1. The Name of the Event Matters

Be intentional, celebrate the diversity of your team. Have a “holiday celebration” that focuses on time together, laughter, and the celebration of getting through another year in a pandemic.

  1. Decorations Have Meaning

Be mindful of decorations and what they represent.  Avoid having a theme that represents only one religious’ practice. 

  1. Holidays Are Celebrated Throughout the Year

Be inclusive when planning the day and time of your celebration. Avoid celebrating with food and libations when one or more of your employees’ religious practices require them to fast or stay home on that day. 

  1. Food Represents Culture

Be conscientious of food choices for all your employees.  Have a potluck so people can bring food that represents their culture.

  1. How to support employees who opt-out of the celebration:

Be thoughtful and don’t put pressure on your employees to participate in the celebration.  Given another full year of video conferencing, some employees may want to spend time at home or in nature unplugged!

Happy Holidays!