The need for organizations to be able to adapt and change rapidly has never been greater. Every day, we witness organizations that are rooted in predictability and control struggle to execute their strategies and missions, while other organizations learn to adapt, change, and thrive.

This month’s DILAN Delivers webinar features globally recognized design leader Robin Beers, Ph.D., who will inspire you to add design, human-centered research, and design thinking to your organization’s change management toolbox. Tapping into these design-oriented capabilities can lead to new approaches and techniques that can help your organization learn its way into the future.

Having led and inspired organizations of all sizes for over 20 years, Dr. Beers is currently Director of Research at Workday, where her team utilizes insights about users to help drive better design and business decisions. Prior to joining Workday in 2022, Robin led the design and research teams on the retail and B2B sides of Wells Fargo Bank for 18 years. Prior to her work in the tech sector, she consulted to organizations in the diversity, equity, and inclusion arenas. Dr. Beers views the tools of design and research as catalysts for organizational change. She lives in Marin County, California, with her husband and her nearly teenaged son, Dexter. Fun fact: DILAN Consulting Group’s founder and CEO Eugene Dilán and his husband Ken Epstein are Dexter’s godfathers.