Organizations (large or small) are comprised of a diverse range of people. We believe that the meaningful connections made by these people through effective relationship building play a crucial role in creating a culture that drives the success of individuals, teams, and organizations. All too often, however, and for a variety of reasons, teams and individuals fail to make these vital connections. At the Dilan Consulting Group, we have the advanced training, talent, experience, and a unique approach that creates cultures that are both high performing and responsive to the ever changing world.

Our Mission, Our Passion 

It's our mission - and our passion - to assist you, your team, and your organization to thrive by unleashing the human potential within every team member to change, innovate and grow. Knowing that each situation is unique, we listen carefully to you and your team to create the connections necessary for strategic culture creation and growth in your specific environment. 

Our Approach

Communication and data are at the heart of our process. We facilitate meaningful conversations that allow you and your team to gain insights, define growth opportunities, resolve conflicts, and identify actionable paths towards sustainable and measurable change. Our proven approach - backed by extensive academic training and forged in the crucible of some of the most challenging real-world situations - is based upon three guiding principles for building high performance teams and organizations: Embrace Emotion, Communicate Honestly, and Be Accountable.


What differentiates us from other consultancies is that as professional psychologists and educators, we have the background and proven skills to drive people to look deeply within themselves in a way that leads to a higher level of individual and organizational performance. We also utilize the latest quantitative and qualitative assessment methodologies to design an approach and measure outcomes in a way that's geared toward each client. And, we help to ensure long-term success by supporting our clients with tools and techniques tailored to their specific needs.  

Our Team

Our team of highly trained doctoral level experts (Ph.D., Psy.D., Ed.D.) has a wealth of hands on experience working with teams and individuals around the world. We've honed our expertise in a wide variety of industries and organizations of all types, sizes, from fledgling start-ups to large-scale corporate enterprises. Moreover, we've proven ourselves in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. 

Please refer to our Team page to learn more about the unique backgrounds and specialties of each of our team members. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss how we can work together to strengthen the relationships that will help you, your team, and your organization to achieve your full potential.  

Our Services

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